Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia Bans Screening of "The Raid 2"

Action movie The Raid 2 : punk is supposed to premiere in Malaysia on March 27 , does not go through to the present day . It turns out that the Malaysian government banned the screening of the movie starring Iko Uwais it .

Circular archipelago film that became a local distributor of the film by the director from Wales , Gareth Evans , it was confirmed the news of the ban fim
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Reason ban the film which is the sequel to The Raid ( 2011 ) it was not clear until now . Entertainment news site Malaysia , Cinema Online , asked the government to explain the reason for banning the film .

" After seeing the first film , I was very happy this film was made sequel . After waiting long enough , I do not understand why the film was banned , " said a fan of the film in Malaysia , Nicholas Lim .

Meanwhile , fans of other films , Mohamad Reza , suspect saratnya scene becomes hard because the Malaysian government banned the Raid 2 .

" But the film received rave reviews abroad makes us so very frustrating . Seems I have to wait for the DVD version or go to Singapore or Indonesia to watch , " said Reza .

Movie RAID2 : punk starts from the last scene in the movie earlier , The Raid . In the film tells the story of Rama ( Iko Uwais ) to continue his disguise to enter a crime organization in Jakarta .
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He disguised not only to expose corruption in the police force but also to protect his family from the threat of criminals . The Raid : Redemption released a new 2011 played in Malaysia in September 2012 . The film was quite successful in the world market that Hollywood is now making an action movie remake it .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Merapi Earth Could Not Planted

The spirit of planting tree seedlings to reforest the area of ​​Mount Merapi seems to be delayed , because the seeds that have been planted are now " reluctant " to grow as a result of drought .
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Camat Cangkringan , Sleman District , Yogyakarta ( DIY ) , Samson Bakri appealed to the volunteers and donors in order to temporarily delay the planting of tree seedlings in the Merapi area during the dry season , because many seeds that have been planted have died from drought .

" It is not the right time for planting tree seedlings , and therefore we urge the volunteers and donors delay planting in the Merapi area . Concentration We are now taking care of the plants that have been planted in order not to die , " he said in Sleman , last week .

According to him , the donor will plant trees in the mountain region can leave the first seeds to the Greening Team slopes of Merapi in the village Wukirsari , Cangkringan . " Tree seedlings will be accommodated , and if later natural conditions has been enabled , or have entered the season rains , the seedlings will be planted in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

Village Chief Kepuharjo , Cangkringan , Heri Suprapto said that millions of plant seeds in the greening of Merapi began to wilt from drought , after two more weeks no rain .

" Moreover, tree seedlings were planted on top of the land area was devastated by the hot lava of Merapi , almost certainly now it withered , because in addition there is no rain , the condition of the local area are still hot sand , so the plants will not be strong , " he said .

While the tree seedlings planted in the area below , today is still alive , because people whose homes have treated close to the planting site .

" Currently, in addition to water the plants should be watered regularly, is also needed in the grass around the tree planting site . These grasses will later serve to withstand sand and water infiltration , " he said .

According to him , the dry season when it's better to stop planting trees for a while , because the weather does not allow .

" Moreover, if the seeds are planted is still relatively small , there is limited evidence to be alive. Currently better realized with the help of regular activity is watering , fertilizing and maintenance of the seeds planted trees can live , " he said .

threatened dead
Tens of thousands of seedlings greening plants in the area of ​​Mount Merapi , Sleman regency , Yogyakarta , is now threatened with death due to drought , after more than two weeks of no rain .

" There are dozens of hectares of crop area in the village of greening seedlings started Glagaharjo critical condition due to long not scalded , " said the chief Glagaharjo Suroto .

According to him , people who had been paying attention to the greening plant care difficulties , because they also lack water .

" Residents currently have to buy water for Rp120.000 per tank to meet daily needs , and this is only for two weeks , so they have to conserve water , " he said .

He said that in the past two weeks many donors and volunteers who conduct reforestation in the Merapi area , so the new trees they planted drought-prone .

" Not long ago there are about 25 thousand seedlings planting trees , and there are tens of thousands of previously planted . Plant seeds can certainly not be able to survive , because it's the dry season , so we could not do anything because the water difficult to obtain , " he said .

Bambang Sugeng from the slopes of Merapi, said Tim Greening today is in the area of ​​tree seedlings Merapi began experiencing drought , and feared to be dead because the possibility has been no rain .

" Thousands of plants wilted after two more weeks does not rain , and it is feared that the plants will die if not watered , " he said .

According to him , it is in most areas of the village and Kepuharjo Umbulharjo already watering plants greening using tank cars , but are not able to reach all areas of the plant .

" We got help from donors for watering plants using tank cars , but can not reach out entirely , " he said .

He said pihakya continue to care for the greening of plants , but because of the limitations , there are still many who can not be touched , " he said .

Tim Greening the slopes of Merapi on June 7 and started doing infusisasi against hundreds of thousands of tree seedlings planted in the mountain region which is now threatened with death because of drought due to drought .

" We try to do infusisasi the planted tree seedlings , by dripping water through the threads from plastic bottles hung beside the trees , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono Merapi in Sleman .

According to him , the pattern will be more effective than spraying water into the ground . " With infusisasi , the water will flow slowly and optimal soil wetting . When flushing , the water will seep directly into the ground , so it is not absorbed by the tree optimally , " he said .

He said each one bottle will last three days , and after it is to be filled again .

" As for the technical , including those in charge of controlling the bottles will be handed over to the youth in each village , so it is expected to be more effective , " he said .

Consortium Members Area Merapi Slope Greening ( PALM ) and Tim Greening Merapi Masrur KH Ahmad said there were thousands of trees were planted in the region hundreds of millions to billions of dollars .

However , he said , is starting to wither and dry a lot of the dry season due to lack of water .

" If the tree seedlings planted again , same waste of money, because of the growth of trees in the region depends on rain Merapi . Been many hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for the purchase and planting of tree seedlings that much . ` Eman Eman - ` ( unfortunately ) if not treated , until finally dead , " he said .

According to him , the greening of the many donors in the Merapi area , generally merely symbolic , and hundreds to thousands of tree seedlings planted just left , then left just like that .

" In fact , after planting , take care so that the plants can live . Therefore , we will seek watering with water to save the greenery in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

He said the rescue was carried out by making " emergency response " in two weeks , which is flush with the water in bulk using tanker trucks .

" We are also going to build a water tank using a tarp size four feet by six feet by 100 tubs . These water next to water the plants ," he said .

Masrur wants the volunteers and donors are not giving the plant , but did infusisasi tree seedlings have been planted in order to stay alive .

donors water
Meanwhile , Tim Greening the slopes of Mount Merapi are expecting no donors that supply water for watering seedlings planted trees are no longer experiencing drought after rain.

" Currently the most we need is water to help flush the trees on the slopes of Merapi , as watering yet to reach all areas of the plant , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono slopes of Merapi .

According to him, he has built 20 units of water reservoirs of plastic sheeting , so that the water can for watering trees in the region .

" We 've made ​​20 water reservoirs in 20 locations , and we still need dozens maybe hundreds of water tanks like this for the same purposes in the above areas , " he said .

He said at this time to fill the water reservoir is still satisfied from the water supply donors and local people .

" However , we expect the water supply is aid , especially for the upper areas which are far from the settlement residents . If previously there donor who planted thousands of trees, so this time we also expect help thousands of gallons of water , " he said .

Greening seedlings were planted in the Merapi area is generally hard as sengon tree species , teak garden ( Jabon ) , and economically valuable tree other hardware .

While on land near the settlements , in addition to tree seedlings planted hard , also seedlings of fruit trees .

Related to that , the people in the village Glagaharjo Merapi area , Cangkringan , Sleman District , expect help plant vegetable seeds to support their economic recovery .

" So far, it 's often a relief in the form of tree planting in this region , but all of them in the form of crops . We expect no help plant vegetable seeds for our management , so they can make money , because we currently have no income anymore , " said one a Srunen Hamlet , Village Glagaharjo , Cangkringan , Sutrisno .

The village head said Glagaharjo Suroto fact it had expressed the desire of the people to the government , but there has been no response . (see also: vitamin burung)

" We hope that the people's will could soon government and donors responded . Seedlings suitable vegetable crops grown in this region include peppers , eggplant and cabbage . Prices Rp100 per seed , for residents here are still relatively expensive , " he said .


Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics, type and Benefits of Durian

Similarly, bark, Durian is one type of tropical plant from Southeast Asia. The durian fruit is favorite by the community, but many also do not like the fruit of this one. The fruit tastes sweet and fragrant aroma that will tempt your appetite for memakanya soon.
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The characteristics and Habitat Durian
The distinctive feature of this plant is having a hard rind and sharp grooved to resemble thorns. In general, the characteristics of the fruit trees are: up to 30 m tall with stem diameters of 50cm, has a low bangir roots, bark smooth initially but gradually becomes grooved lengthwise. Has leaves that are oval and round, with leaves about 2-24 cm long and 3 wide, 5 to 8, 5 cm.

The durian fruit trees and grow in lowland forests and in forests or forest pamah mix that has flat ground at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and generally makes grown on the type of clay. Generally durian tree grows in Borneo because this plant species are endemic plant species. In Borneo itself this fruit has been cultivated.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(Not included) Eudicots
(Not included) Rosids
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Durio
Species: D. zibethinus
Binomial name
Durio zibethinus
Rumph. ex Murray

Types of Durian Fruit
As with other fruits, Durian also has many types. Based on the national superior cultivars, there are more than 55 types of durian cultivation. Some of them are:

Durian Gapu and Kelud of Kediri, East Java
Ligit of Kutai
Rose of Long Kutai
Ripto of Terri
Salisun of Nunukan
Strait of Muara Jambi
Sememang of Banjarnegara
Tong Medaye of Lombok
Heralds from northern Bengkulu
Bido Wonosalam of Jombang East Java
Officers from Majalengka
Petruk from Jepara, Central Java
Soya Ambon Maluku
Sunan of Boyolali.

Actually there are several types of durian from local races, but his lead is not guaranteed. Some of them are: Parung Durian, durian Lampung, Jepara durian, durian Palembang, and Padang durian. All this of course has its own flavor and characteristics.

Nutritional Content and Benefits of Durian Fruit
At each 100 g of coated seeds of durian actually been shown to contain 67 grams of water, 28.3 grams carbohydrates, 2.5 grams fat, 2.5 grams protein, 1.4 grams of fiber, and has an energy value of 520 kJ. Besides durian also turned out to contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and calcium and phosphorus. The benefits of durian fruit itself include: good for skin health, aid digestion, regulate sugar levels, helps fight depression, avoid and reduce constipation, control diet, controlling body temperature, help to stop smoking, and avoid stress.

Durian (Durio zibethinus)
Nutritive value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 615 kJ (147 kcal)
Carbohydrates 27.09 g
- Dietary fiber 3.8 g
5:33 g fat
1:47 g Protein
Water 65g
Vitamin C 19.7 mg (33%)
Potassium 436 mg (9%)
Only the edible portion, raw or frozen.
Stover: 68% (Shell and seeds)
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Source: USDA Nutrient Database
The percentage refers to U.S. recommendations for adults.