Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Microsoft Provide Content World Cup for Xbox

Quadrennial event , the 2014 World Cup this year became the hottest topic in the universe . Not surprisingly, Microsoft , Redmont -based company , will provide content themed soccer with Brazilian names Now .

Launched by Engadget , Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) , Brazil can now be seen through the features of the Xbox TV One to display related info world cup . This feature was also able to notify users when the game will start and share the score updates right on the screen , similar to the NFL application .
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On the other hand , through the Every Street United, another version of the Xbox TV features , can be used to watch the soccer legend Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids in other programs such as search competition to find the talents of new soccer players around the world .

The launch is planned to begin on 12 June, to coincide with the opening World Cup event was held . Now Brazil features will also be available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One . Yet it seemed , some of these features will only be compatible with Microsoft's latest console .
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For those of you who are curious can watch the trailer on YouTube with the title Every Street United, who may be able to increase the excitement ahead of the world cup later .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pruned Banggar Authority, Budget TVRI Can Liquid?

Budget station Televisi Republik Indonesia ( TVRI ) in 2014 starred by the House of Representatives ( DPR ) opened the possibility , following a Constitutional Court decision that limits the authority of the House Budget Committee on the budget discussion Ministries / Agencies ( C / L ) .

The commission is not permitted with an asterisk , then the budget is still blocked his star sign is likely to be eliminated . " For example TVRI , we still starring . It is likely to be discussed first between the government and the House would be like baseball . Do not get in the way disparate field , " ujarn Directorate General of Budget , Ministry of Finance , Askolani , met at the Parliament House , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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For information , Commission I decided to give the star on TVRI 2014 budget , the House of Representatives following the sanction given to the decision of the Board of Trustees ( Dewas ) TVRI TVRI fired almost all the directors .

Dewas TVRI fired almost all the directors after an evaluation of the performance of the directors , principally a matter of public criticism for serving Democrat Convention Candidates assessed against independent TVRI .

The directors then complained to the Commission I of the House of Representatives . Commission I decided to create a working committee to investigate chaotic TVRI this . While the Committee TVRI work , Dewas had to cancel his dismissal decision . However , the dismissal had already been done . Finally, the Commission I was blocking TVRI budget of Rp 1.3 trillion .

Previously reported , the Court cut Banggar authority to grant in part the petition Act ( Act) No. 27/2009 on the MPR , DPR, and DPD ( MD3 ) and Law No. 17/2003 on State Finance . MK cut actual spending authority of Parliament in the budget to give asterisk .

According to the Court , in determining the budget and the State Budget ( Budget ) , Banggar function should not be too far in making budget planning . Banggar can only give persetujuaan over the plan proposed by the president .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

The commercial bank's Royal Sunter Receive Bomb Threat

Bank Permata in Commercial Complex Royal Sunter, Sunter Lake Road South, Sunter, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, received a bomb threat on Monday (5/26/2014) morning.

One of the bank's employees, Eni (24), revealed that since morning the security officer had told him that the office where he worked to get a bomb threat.

"It is fitting this morning came from the same security guard was told there was a bomb threat," said Eni to on Monday.
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Meanwhile, Slamet (37), one of the security guards office for Royal Sunter, revealed that a bomb threat is received by the Branch Manager of Bank Permata by phone.

"My friend said that the security guard at Permata Bank, at 08.00 to be told there was a bomb in the Commercial Bank Permata Royal Sunter," he explained.

Observation to date Gegana team still deployed to find and defuse the bomb.

Permata Bank employees also appear to be waiting outside the building with a worried look on his face.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Muhammadiyah New Government Must Ensure a More Proficient

Tanwir officially opened Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Muhammadiyah Prof. Shamsuddin , Friday ( 23/5 ) , in the city of Samarinda , East Kalimantan . The event, which followed hundreds of management areas in Indonesia 's Muhammadiyah theme " Towards Enlightenment Indonesia Berkemajuan Propagation " .

Coinciding with the momentum of the upcoming presidential elections on July 9 , Maarif Institute assesses Muhammadiyah has a moral responsibility to ensure national leadership can turn spawned a new government that is more capable and work for the welfare of the people .
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This is expressed Maarif Institute executive director Fajar Riza Ul Haq . " Consistency in the path of Muhammadiyah cultural propaganda can not be denied anymore . Neutrality political elite organization Muhammadiyah shown in the election frenzy is able to convince us all that democracy we still have breath to sober up , " said Dawn .

Even so , said Dawn , Muhammadiyah should not let this land be managed in ways that are far from the spirit of enlightenment and progress .

" So , this land in the realm of propaganda Muhammadiyah nationality . Muhammadiyah best cadres must assigned even encouraged to take part in the arena of the state , " said a member of Council on Foreign Relations this Muhammadiyah .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Work Bolos, Mothers PNS in Pamekasan Join Joget Oplosan

Hundreds of civil servants ( PNS) in the government Pamekasan , East Java , skipping work , and follow the dancing competition oplosan the " demand " in one of the private TV stations nationwide on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Joget oplosan was held by the Women's Sports Association of Indonesia ( Perwosi ) Branch Pamekasan . The competition was held in the multipurpose building in private and only seen by certain circles .

Of the participants who took part , there is a unique accessory such as wearing clothing in the style of Cleopatra , there were uniformed with a combination of palm leaves and most of the participants using batik uniforms .
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Ani Syafii , Chairman Perwosi Pamekasan Branch , said these activities in order to Exercise your society so that people can live a healthy life . However , the packaging is made in a dancing contest oplosan .

In East Java Perwosi also held oplosan dancing contest , and in Pamekasan also contained the same activity with Perwosi East Java . " The mothers were quite amenable and happy with the race because it is adulterated dancing popular again in the midst of society , " said Ani Syafii .

These activities led to protests from activist non-governmental organizations . Because the activities held on the effective work of civil servants . Therefore , participants neglect his duties as a servant of the state .

" Why are not held on holidays alone so as not to interfere with his duties as a civil servant , " said I'am Kholil , Chairman of Parliament Street and the Student Community ( Kopajaa ) Pamekasan .

I'am explained , it also does not reflect the activities of the religious values ​​that Pamekasan an area that embraces Islamic Movement of Community Development ( Gate Salam ) .

People who want to watch this race expelled by the committee , especially the Adam , including journalists who want to cover the activity .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

75 Students Tanjabar Not Pass the National Exam

A total of 75 students from 3,042 participants of the UN high -level or equivalent in West Tanjung Jabung did not pass in the National Examination 2013-2014 school year .

Based on the percentage , for this year's graduation rate has increased from last year , which amounted to 0.25 per cent , or increased to 97.50 percent from the previous year which only reached 97.25 percent .

Head of Secondary and Higher Education ( Dikmenti ) Amrial Tanjabar District Education Office when contacted on Tuesday explained , all participants of the UN 's 3,042 high school students includes 1,537 students and 671 834 vocational students ,All 75 students who did not kelulus consists of 57 high school students , Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) 11 students , and vocational Seven .
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" Students who do not pass the most widely derived from SMA III Tungkal Ulu . Number reached 39 people , " he said .

Based on the data in the entire school graduation , further Amrial , only a few schools whose students graduate 100 percent , of which , SMAN 1 , SMA 2 and SMA 3 . Third school is located in District Tungkal Ilir .

Graduation announcement is intentionally submitted afternoon , in anticipation of the action and scribble koovoi uniforms . " We did not want a victory parade of students . Alternatively , delivered the afternoon 's announcement , he said .

When asked , he said , for students who do not pass can follow package C program that will open in August.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

This afternoon, Prabowo Will Meet Rhoma Irama

Gerindra presidential candidate , Prabowo , is scheduled to meet with dangdut Rhoma Irama . Not yet known , such as what the meeting agenda .

" True planned to meet , but do not yet know what will be discussed , " said a spokesman for Rhoma , Ramdansyah , when contacted , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

According to the plan , Prabowo will meet Rhoma at his residence in the area of ​​Pondok Jaya , Mampang , South Jakarta , at around 15:00 pm . The meeting was conducted after the declaration pencapresan Prabowo at noon.

As alluded to whether Prabowo will request support for Rhoma , Ramdansyah would not comment . Similarly, when asked about the possibility of becoming a campaigner Rhoma Prabowo in the upcoming presidential election .
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" Kan still later meeting . So , we do not yet know what was discussed , " he said .

Rhoma , Jusuf Kalla , and Mahfud MD before becoming presidential candidate of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) . After the legislative elections , and voted in favor of CLA CLA presidential candidate alias Joko Widodo Jokowi . Later , the coalition supporting shaft Jokowi choose Jusuf Kalla as vice presidential candidate for Jokowi .

CBA 's decision , and revoke its support for Rhoma PKB . Rhoma had had no vision of conformity and political orientation between him and PKB . In addition , Rhoma feel , its role in the campaign are not considered important by the CLA .

" CLA also does not recognize ' Rhoma effect' which is certainly disappointing friends who have been so hard selflessly for the sake of raising the CBA, " said Rhoma , some time ago .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CLA welcomes Golkar approach to PDI-P

Chairman of the National Awakening Party Muhaimin Iskandar welcomes discourse join Golkar political axis built PDI-P . According to him , the more friends the coalition , the more support for the winning presidential candidate Joko Widodo .

" To win a candidate , we should all take to increase the win , " said Muhaimin in the office of the DPP PKB , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Earlier, Deputy Treasurer General Bambang Soesatyo DPP Golkar Party says that there is a tendency for Golkar to move closer to the shaft being built PDI-P . Currently PDI has supported Nasdem Party and CLA to carry Joko Widodo as a candidate .
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Bambang said the coalition 's plan is the result after DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie and Chairman of the PDI - P of Megawati Sukarnoputri met in Bali last weekend . However , the final decision will be taken on the coalition in the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar Party on 17-18 May at the Jakarta Convention Center Hall .

"The aim will strengthen Pak Jusuf Kalla as vice Jokowi , " Bambang said in Parliament House Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Member of Commission III was continued , if Golkar officially joined to the shaft of the PDI - P , the position of DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie will be behind the scenes with Megawati . Both political figures it will directly lead winning Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla at the presidential election of 2014.

Regarding support for pencapresan Jokowi , Muhaimin said , the plan will be a meeting tomorrow coalition PDI - P , PKB , and Nasdem for consolidating and strengthening support to Jokowi . However , Muhaimin has not been able to ascertain the location of the meeting .

" The plan tomorrow there is a meeting of all party supporters , some sort of consolidation and stabilization . Lenteng I do not know at ( Office of the PDI - P ) or where , " said Muhaimin .

Muhaimin said , thrusting the CLA will remain the vice presidential candidates Jokowi although there has been no response from the PDI - P to the offer . He is still fighting for a name that has been the concern of PKB , including Vice President Jusuf Kalla 2004-2009 period or JK . " JK from before pileg already considered to be one , " said Muhaimin .

This week , said Muhaimin , the CLA will conduct outreach to the kiai , scholars , and community leaders about winning commitment Jokowi . Socialization will be performed at the base award of CLA in East Java , Central Java , West Java , Aceh , Lampung , South Kalimantan , and Yogyakarta .


Friday, May 2, 2014

PLN sued Society, Why?

General Manager of PT PLN Northern Territory and East Kalimantan , Machnizon Masri was reported to the police station on charges of public deception Balikpapan . That report is Piatur Pangaribuan , Director of University Legal Aid Balikpapan ( LBH UNIBA ) , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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According Piatur what it does represent the people who are victims of a power outage or so-called byar pet " We want , we support , so Machizon and PLN Kaltim - Kaltara over again serve the community , " he said .

Piatur also known as the Graduate Program Director of the University of Aberdeen. By LBH UNIBA , Machnizon public deception is considered a reference to the statement in the discussion about electricity in February past .

In the discussion which was attended by a number of parties that , according to Piatur , as GM PLN Kaltim - Kaltara , Machnizon promised there will be no rolling blackouts in Balikpapan . Machnizon also provide a hotline number for complaints PLN 123 and PLN will soon follow up report .

" But in reality , electricity is still frequent outages with a duration of hours . Torrential rains half alone , usually direct electrical outages . I wonder , why not have a PLN as a solution , but as I recall , Balikpapan has often byar pet since 2007 , " said Piatur .

Separately , Machnizon reluctant to say much about reports pointing to himself . He felt that being sued is PLN agencies , not individuals .

" I have not read the report that was put into the police station . I have no comment first , yes . PLN Let Kaltim part - Kaltara law that address this later , " said Machnizon .

With this report , has twice Piatur sued on behalf of LBH UNIBA PLN . The first lawsuit was filed in July 2013 in which LBH UNIBA sue PLN Kaltim - Kaltara and SOE Minister through the District Court Balikpapan , due to frequent power cuts in the area of ​​the Mahakam system .

In this case LBH UNIBA acting on a power of attorney ( plaintiff ) Henry Sanjaya , Balikpapan residents businessman drinking water refill . Henry sued because his business faltered because frequent power outages .

" However, this claim fails . Proceedings are also tinged incident power outages , " Piatur story .

Throughout April, four times PLN offices in coming protesters . The protesters , ranging from students to the mass organizations voiced the same thing , want a stable supply of electricity .

PLN is the same explanation that rolling blackouts because the Mahakam system serving the city of Balikpapan , Tenggarong and Samarinda is insufficient supply of power up to 50 MW . There are also non- rotating blackouts such as those caused heavy rains , is beyond the power of the PLN .


Drinking While Testifying , Sri Mulyani Judge Reprimanded

There are interesting sights in the middle of the court hearing the case of Century Bank today that indicted former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya . When testifying in front of the judges , former Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati suddenly downing a bottle of water he was carrying himself .

Suddenly Chief Judge Afiantara admonish the witness , as it is forbidden to drink while testifying in the trial . " It should not be drinking , " said the trial judge Afiantara in the Corruption Court in Jakarta .

Reprimanded the judge , Sri Mulyani shocked . The former financial officials are now managing director at the World Bank argued that the U.S. did not know there was a rule forbidden to drink , because he had never entered the courtroom .
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" Sorry sir judge , I have never entered the court room , so do not know , " she said , holding a small water bottle in the trial court Corruption , Jakarta , May 2, 2014 .

But Sri remain firm requested permission to return to drink . " May I have a drink ? " Sri asked to judge .

Then finally the judge permits. " Perhaps , but it should have had before the trial , " the judge said . The trial resumed .
Previously , many journalists fooled while waiting for Sri Mulyani to court corruption . Century 's key witness in the case seems to have been in the witness waiting room . Sri Mulyani, who wore a brown batik shirt and black pants began to enter the courtroom since 9:05 o'clock pm .

As is known , Sri Mulyani with the current Governor of Bank Indonesia , Boediono , as well as Secretary of the Financial System Stability Committee Raden Pardede Century as a failed bank establishes a systemic effect . He was a witness in a case of alleged corruption trial continued with the defendant Budi Mulya .

Because of this determination , the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) to disburse Temporary Equity ( PMS ) worth Rp 6 , 7 trillion . Previously , the central bank also has disbursed Rp 689 billion FPJP Century due to liquidity problems . ( ren )


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Influential Ukraine crisis to Asia

The crisis in Ukraine appear concern for the world . Some predictions call , the crisis triggered world war three .

More feared again , the impact of this crisis will be extended to other countries . Including countries in the Asian region .

However , such concerns in dispute Russian Ambassador Mikhail Galuzin . According to him , the crisis would not affect the countries in Asia .
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" Ukraine crisis will not give a direct influence on Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia , " he said in Depok , on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

It also answers the common theme of a seminar organized by the Faculty of Humanities , University of Indonesia ( FIBUI ) .

He also confirmed there will be no invasion carried out by Russia to Ukraine . Done Galuzin event warmly welcomed to talk with the Dean of the Faculty of Science of Culture Adrianus Walaruntu UI .

" This seminar has given an explanation for students from each party let them decide which party is right of the three countries , " said Adrian .


Want Golkar coalition Fat

Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie ( ARB ) aka Ical , wanting chubby coalition government . It is intended that the political power of the stronger . Legislative power and the executive can work together well to support succession of government .

Ical states already establish communication polkitik . " There are still ongoing between the Party Golkardan all political parties , " he explained , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Communication builds upon the interests of state and nation well . The development process must necessarily take place , the better . This is realized through idealism based coalition to improve the condition of the nation . " Communicating 've done with all the ( party ) , " he explained .

However, there has been no official decision . He said he did not want to rush . He believes , in time the coalition partners will be collected . Ical is also not worried though until now has not been getting his party coalition partners . He analogized seek coalition partners to get life partner . "Like looking for a wife , the coalition can not rush - rush . Must match idea , fits all , can only be , " said Bakrie .

Anyway, Bakrie said , there is no other party other than the coalition officially declared Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with the National Democratic Party . According to him , this time each party is considering the matter carefully coalition step forward . " All parties are still thinking will move in which direction . "


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Proposed So Vice President, SBY Feel Harassed

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was abused by the majority party 's proposal for him to get back ahead in the 2014 presidential election as the candidate for vice- president . According to Yudhoyono , the proposals presented certain parties that only want to make fun of himself .

" There are certain parties who want to mock me , hurt me , harassing , vice -president has been told just SBY . Indeed exist in this country kebahagiaanya ridicule and hurt other people , " Yudhoyono said in an interview uploaded on YouTube SBY .
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It is said when asked for comment proposed SBY himself forward as a running mate in the 2014 presidential election . Reason, according to the constitution , the President can no longer run for presidency because already served two terms .

On the other hand , there is also the judge SBY seriously hope he can move forward as a running mate . SBY did not see any intention to insult concerned . The reason , says SBY , if he wants to be vice president , with all the experience you have, it can help the new president so that the government would run better .

" There was , of course not . Suppose I could go forward for the third time ( as president ) , not prohibited constitution and the laws in force , I was told not to go forward again . I spoke from the heart circumspection with wife and children I , all agreed that 10 years could lead the country is already a thanksgiving to God , "said SBY .

Various parties could catapult forward as a proposal that SBY vice for various reasons . PPP secretary general Romahurmuziy . He argues , if SBY forward as running mate , it could defeat the three great powers that will compete in the upcoming presidential election , which candidate would be the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo , presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra and Golkar presidential candidate Bakrie .

Previously , a similar proposal been made in the former Chairman of the Democratic Anas Urbaningrum . It is not clear which party is deemed SBY and deliver insulting serious proposal .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Kian VMware Virtualization Business Cake Favors

VMware was delicious - delicious cake business enjoys virtual machine . So delicious , giant revenues in the last three months of growth exceeded analysts' expectations .

The global virtualization giant recorded a revenue of USD 1.36 billion in the first quarter of 2014 , growing 14 % compared to the same period last year of $ 1.19 billion .

As quoted from Reuters Alert , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) , this performance slightly exceeded analysts' predictions that the highest set a target of USD 1.35 billion for VMware revenue in the period ended March yesterday .
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VMware profit recorded in the first quarter 2014 also reached USD 199 million , up 15 % compared to the same period last year of $ 173 million .

Unfortunately , despite middling performance sleek , but VMware has not been able to complete the negotiation of enterprise license agreements ( Elas ) in the first quarter and that led to doubt investors to its stock performance .

" We see the scale of the classroom continues to grow . Now still in discussions with a number of customers , " said Chief Operating Officer of VMware's Carl Eschenbach .

Just to note , in the first quarter 2014 , revenues from licensing in VMware rose 15 % to USD 561 million . VMware vCloud express request of the software suite also showed growth .

Analysts at FBR Capital Markets Daniel Ives estimates in the second quarter of 2014 VMware could achieve a turnover of about USD 1.43 billion to USD 1.47 billion . Average range stands at USD 1.44 billion .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Observer: Conflict and the Authoritarian PPP because Suryadharma Too "Pede"

Internal conflict in the United Development Party ( PPP ) is considered as an error occurs PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . Suryadharma considered incapable of leading a democratic and overly confident in deciding political party before the solid support of the internal .

" In my opinion , SDA ( Suryadharma ) shows the attitude of the leader of an authoritarian and democratic baseball , " said political analyst from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) , Indria Samego , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

He argued , as party chairman , Suryadharma should be able to make decisions collegially with all administrators and appropriate statutes and rumat party ladder . However , the steps taken on the contrary , Suryadharma provide tough sanctions to officials who disagree with the PPP itself .

According Indria , the situation could have been different if the persona persona equaling Suryadharma Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Chairman of the Democratic Party or Prabowo as Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra . However , the figure Suryadharma not have the full support of internal PPP and has felt since the election of the Chairman of the PPP conference was held some time ago .

" SDA also too confident ( confident) , thinks he can act upon his heart . It's different , stature in the PPP is not fully supported , " he said .

Chaotic in PPP unilaterally started when Suryadharma attend the grand campaign Gerindra at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium , Jakarta , during the 2014 legislative election campaign on Sunday ( 23/04/2014 ) . Suryadharma also expressed his support as a presidential candidate Prabowo .

Other administrators in assessing PPP Suryadharma actions that violate the consensus national work ( Mukernas ) party . Mukernas decide the political will to establish communication with the existing eight presidential candidate . In the list of eight names , no names Prabowo .
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Had appeared discourse Suryadharma overthrow by a number of elite central board and the board of PPP local leaders . However , Suryadharma stick with his decision and even on a Friday evening last week declared Gerindra in coalition with the PPP attended by Prabowo .


Phone of the South Ferry : We Can not Move

The South Korean government continues to carry out an investigation to find the cause of the sinking ferry in the waters Sewol Jindo , Incheon . Today, the country's government officially released the transcription of a conversation between a man and a party on the ferry Sewol maritime traffic controllers in Jeju Island and Jindo Island .

Of transcription is then confirmed yet by a traffic warden in the waters of Jeju Island , a man had contacted the Coast Guard at 8:52 pm local time with a mobile phone .

" Call the coast guard . Ship in danger . Ship tilted , " he said .
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Party Jeju maritime traffic controller then asked the location of the ship , and the man replied , " Sewol Byeongpung Island is near . "

" How is the situation now ? " asked the authorities Jeju .

" The ship tilted to the left , " the man replied .

" Okay . How are the passengers ? "

" We can not confirm. Ship is tilted . , We can not move . "

Jeju parties then asked the passengers to wear life jackets and be prepared if necessary to leave the ship . But the man again said , " We are extremely difficult to move now . "

Of transcription , the last conversation showed authorities had informed the Jeju coast guard about the location and circumstances Sewol . Jeju parties explained that they had contacted the vessel traffic service agencies on the island of Jindo and Wando Island .

Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries South Korea has found the latest data from the automatic identification system on the ferry Sewol . From the data successfully analyzed , it is possible Sewol ferry capsized after electricity was extinguished for 36 seconds .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Police: Dimly at Warung Bambu Apus Have No IMB

Dimly lit stalls burned in Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta , did not have permission or illegal . Police called the dimly lit stalls that stood on the land does not have a building permit ( IMB ) .

" Itukan dimly lit stalls . Dim point where there is permission . IMB also there 's baseball , " said Police Chief Sector Cipayung , Commissioner Ua Triyono , to , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Ua resume , is about to land at the site were released by the city government . The land is planned to be used for programs of the city government . " It would dibebasin Government . Been no program of his Government . From districts ( Cipayung ) already know it , " said Ua .

Related to the fray before the fire , Ua requested that all parties not to take an early conclusion . He promised to reveal , if the allegations are evolving interrelated .

However , until now it has not found a correlation between the two separate events during the six hours . Police are still awaiting the results of the examination of the Police Headquarters Labfor team that has been taking samples and analyzing the scene.

Before the fire broke out in a six -lit kiosk stall located at Jalan Kramat Duri , Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta , several youths were thought to have come from one of the organizations raging at that location . Groups of youths who were drunk liquor was angry because their money is not given a daily ration .

Based on information collected at the scene , commotion by organizations that occur at midnight at 00.00 , in a stall grilled chicken and duck are still an area with a set of dimly lit stalls there . The distance is approximately 30 meters from the location of shops lit on fire.
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They are asking fees of Rp 10,000 to grilled chicken stall owner . Women initials Mur , one shop owner friends there , confirmed the incident . However , the shop owner grilled chicken and duck do not give money .


Provinces in Indonesia with Prevalence of Obesity

A total of 15 provinces with very overweight prevalence was above the national Central Kalimantan, East Java, Banten, East Kalimantan, Bali, West Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, Papua, Bengkulu, Bangka Belitung, Lamping and Jakarta.

Citing data from the Health Research Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2013, is a national problem fat in children aged 5-12 years that is still high, 18.8 percent, 10.8 percent comprised of fat and very overweight (obese) 8.8 percent.

While the prevalence of obese adolescents aged 13-15 years was 10.8 percent, consisting of 8.3 percent fat and 2.5 percent are very overweight (obese)
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According to WHO data, more than 1.4 billion adults are overweight and 2.8 million adults die each year due to obesity and excess weight that causes a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Euromonitor International source said, in the Asia Pacific, and obesity is rapidly increasing number of countries predicted to have the fastest obesity growth rate from 2010 to 2020 ie, Vietnam 225%, 178% Hong Kong, India 100%, South Korea 80, 7%, New Zealand 52% and Indonesia 50%.

Dr. Rocio Medina, Vice President of Worldwide Training Nutrition Herbalife nutrition and obesity experts also said the food eaten in it must contain the complete nutrients, including fiber, KH, proteins, vitamins, minerals. "Eat three times and sports," he said. Obesity in children is dangerous because it can be affected by complications of hypertension, liver, and kidneys.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Contains the South Ferry Hundreds of High School Students

Contains Hundreds of High School Students

Departing from Incheon at 05.00 local time , this five -story ship should run aground shortly after the ship loudspeaker announced to the passengers to remain in place . Earlier, witnesses said had been a violent shaking .

Confusion also struck the passenger ferry . They are faced with two choices , between remain in place or to save themselves by using a float when the higher sea water into the ship 's body .

Reported by CNN , the ship completed by 460 high school students Seoul is scheduled to follow the field trip to the resort island of Jeju .

Lim Hyung - min , one of the survivors said the hassle to fight for his life . " I had to swim to the first boat to be saved , " he said .
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Until today , the South Korean government to help mobilize fielded more than a hundred ships , rescue teams and helicopters to comb to the location of the sinking vessel , with no hope of surviving .

Local authorities did not despair , even if bad weather should be blocked . Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and thick fog have trouble making the team survived . They assume there are survivors , when looking at the hull of a ship is still at sea level .

" Maybe in these areas there is no air to breathe , " said Mike Dean , Deputy Director of the U.S. Navy .

The victims' families gathered , hoping against hope for salvation in the dock family members Jindo , South Korea , which is about 20 kilometers from the location Boats Sewol . ( one )


Thursday, April 17, 2014

'Islamic Unity Party and the Realistic Always Needed'

Politician of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Anwar Abu Bakr said central axis is possible and necessary. At least , based on joint efforts to solve the nation's top big problem .

" Union of the Islamic party was always realistic and necessary . Way based on mutual problems , " Anwar said in a meeting of leaders and leaders of the Islamic Party in Cikini , Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/4 ) night .

According to Anwar , the incorporation of Islamic parties can also lead to his own presidential candidacy . But it should be done gradually by first uniting the vision and mission of Islam between the parties .

Chairman Islamic Political Coalition Bachtiar Nasir added , meeting leaders and leaders of the Islamic Party aims to build a grand coalition .

Until now the number of characters already present among other PAN politician Anwar Abu Bakar , Chairman of the Advisory Council of the PAN , Amien Rais , President of MCC Anis Matta , PKS politician Hidayat Nur Wahid , PKS politician Fahri Hamzah and Treasurer PKB Bahruddin Anshori .
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Anis Matta said his presence at the meeting to hear the aspirations that emerged after seeing the increase of votes pileg Islamic party in 2014.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Internet, Microsoft Office applications in the "Browser" Chrome

Microsoft , in February , has re- launched its web-based productivity application services with its new name , the Office Online . Now , Microsoft brings the application to the next level by making a special application for the Chrome browser users .

Yes , although the Office Online can be accessed with any browser by visiting address , but Chrome users now have Online Office applications in their browser . Word Services Online , Online PowerPoint , and OneNote Online can be run directly from the Google's browser .

In the official blog of Microsoft Office that was written on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) , Microsoft said it wanted to allow Chrome users create Office documents online with ease on the desktop . Unfortunately , Microsoft has not presenting Excel Online in Chrome browser .

Users can download the application at the same time put it in the browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store app store ( / webstore ) . Type the Online Word / PowerPoint Online / OneNote Online in the search field is available in the top left corner .

These applications can be used free of charge and can be accessed by logging in using the Microsoft account . All online documents are created automatically saved in Microsoft's cloud storage service , OneDrive by default .

However , the Office application in Chrome browser users complained because they had to log into your account every time OneDrive want to create or access the document . In addition , users also lamented why Microsoft does not include features such as offline mode does Google with its Google Docs .

New features in Office Online

In addition to releasing his Office services in the Chrome browser , Microsoft on Monday also introduced new features in Office Online , such as improved support for files that contain a Visual Basic application , so that the file can now be opened and edited directly with Excel Online .

Editing mode is also equipped with the ability to add comments , both for Word and Excel Online . This feature is useful if one stored document worked together .
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While for Online PowerPoint , the slide layouts are now becoming more similar to the final result after finished editing . Online OneNote on the other hand got the update feature of the ability to print ( print ) files .


PAN Reject Call MCC Galang Islamic Coalition Party

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) rejected the invitation of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) to mobilize a coalition of Islamist parties ahead of the presidential election . The PAN politicians delivered rejection , Nasril Bahar when contacted headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

" Coalition for the national interest , not for the interests of a particular group , " he said .

According Nasril if the coalition is built by using the power of Islam , then it would prejudice the party . Because according to the current Nasril party has been accepted by all groups , including those outside the Islamic group .
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Regarding the possibility of a coalition with other parties , Nasril said that PAN is always open to establish political communication with other parties .
Obtaining significant voice on the fast computation ( quick count ) conducted by a number of survey institutes by making PAN Nasril as one glance to be invited to the party coalition . However Nasril declined to elaborate further on any party and the extent of the conversation that has been done . " All is submitted to Hatta Rajasa as chairman , " he said .

Nasril say , as a senior politician who has held various ministerial positions since the reform era Hatta made ​​quite skilled in treating a coalition . While as a party , the PAN according Nasril also tested following the election four times since 1999 .

"Obviously we woke up with a coalition promoting the national interest , " he said .

Yesterday , MCC declared its readiness to mobilize the power of Islamic parties and Muslim-based parties to face presidential elections ( presidential ) which will be held on July 9, 2014 . Readiness expressed by members of the Shura Council MCC , Refrizal when contacted headline , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 . " We are ready to be a consolidator , " he said .

According Refrizal if voting results fast calculation results ( quick count ) Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) and the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) which is identified by Refrizal as Islamic and Islamic-based party combined, the result will be greater than the vote parties who are in the top three rankings .


Monday, April 14, 2014

BNI, BRI and Mandiri Still Hunted Investors

JAKARTA - Investors are likely to feel safe if they have state-owned banks shares . Because the bank owned by the government , meaning that the bank 's health will be maintained .

Head of Research at Trust Securities , Priyambada Reza , said that the banking sector , especially state-owned banks will always benefit , because the SOEs label .

"Banks are owned by the government will be safe and healthy , wondering if they will be responsible for the market as it is , because its performance must be maintained , especially related to the provision of dividends , " he told Okezone , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
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Reza added , the performance of state-owned banks is almost evenly , for example bank PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) , PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) , and PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) . All three listed banks is sufficient demand by market participants .

" The triad ( BNI , BRI and Mandiri ) is still quite attractive , state bank performance region is also good, but market participants see also from the options offered by banks , such as the number of branches , ATMs , and more , " said Reza .

Therefore , apart from the fundamental side , market participants also see the bank owned completeness . Meanwhile, when of performance , state-owned banks will continue to be monitored , as most shareholders are retail , foreign , and government . " So they ( state bank ) will continue to maintain their performance , " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

BNN: Circulation of drugs through the international airport more intense

Indonesia remains the target of an international drug trafficking . Because in addition to a large market , the price is too expensive . Drug trafficking in Indonesia increasingly prevalent mainly through a number of international airports .

Based on data from BNN , the circulation of money from the drug to reach Rp 52 trillion a year .

As for now not only the smuggling route through Jakarta , but also rife through the airport which has international flights such as Yogyakarta and Solo .

These conditions make narcotics surveillance in Indonesia increasingly difficult .

A spokesman for the National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) Sumirat Dwiyanto said many international drug ring that tried to penetrate Indonesia through international airports .

" Not only through Jakarta , but also through Yogyakarta or Solo , " said Sumirat , when met reporters in Solo , Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

In addition to monitoring a number of international airports , BNN also monitor drug distribution that utilizes a small international airport in the Indonesian border . For example in Entikong , East Timor , and Papua New Guinea .
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" At these airports , its control is less than optimal , so the drug is easy to enter. From there , drugs are sent to Indonesia by land , through the border , " he said .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

300 Million Still Use Windows XP Computer

Future support for the operating system ( OS ) Windows XP has ended on 8 April 2014 . Nevertheless , this old OS still has many fans .

According to reports statista , nearly 300 million computers worldwide are still running Windows XP . 3 out of 10 computers are still running Windows XP despite Microsoft support has ended . As reported by Softpedia , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

Although Windows XP will no longer receive security updates and patches , most users still refuse to renew called their OS . The main reason is the process of transition costs are not small .
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Switch to Windows 8.1 is not just a matter of licensing fees , but also requires hardware according to specifications . Because older computers can not meet the system requirements of Windows 8.1 .

reports statista, nearly 300 million computers worldwide are still running Windows XP. 3 out of 10 computers are still running Windows XP despite Microsoft support has ended. As reported by Softpedia

Instead , Windows 7 is more an option for users who switch to a newer Windows OS . This is because it is more friendly to older hardware configurations , and user interface that is familiar with the Start menu .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Police banned members touch the ballot box when secured TPS

Police promised to remain neutral during the 2014 election security. Even in the technical implementation of the Police members are not allowed to touch the ballot boxes at polling stations (TPS).

"Under the law, we are neutral and should not be touched during the ballot boxes at polling stations. If there is, the community immediately inform the national police and the police chief," said the Head of Public Information (Head passenger) Police Commissioner Agus Rianto in Public Relations Division Police Headquarters Building , South Jakarta, Tuesday (8/4).
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According to Agus, the rule has been applied far earlier today by National Police Chief Gen. Sutarman. Police will crack down if there are members who are convicted during a security breach.

"We do not mess around for cracking down and pleaded guilty. Accordance with the direction of the Chief of Police, the police should be neutral," he said.

"Found election offense if the offense categorized, code of ethics, the national police criminal offense," he added


Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia Bans Screening of "The Raid 2"

Action movie The Raid 2 : punk is supposed to premiere in Malaysia on March 27 , does not go through to the present day . It turns out that the Malaysian government banned the screening of the movie starring Iko Uwais it .

Circular archipelago film that became a local distributor of the film by the director from Wales , Gareth Evans , it was confirmed the news of the ban fim
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Reason ban the film which is the sequel to The Raid ( 2011 ) it was not clear until now . Entertainment news site Malaysia , Cinema Online , asked the government to explain the reason for banning the film .

" After seeing the first film , I was very happy this film was made sequel . After waiting long enough , I do not understand why the film was banned , " said a fan of the film in Malaysia , Nicholas Lim .

Meanwhile , fans of other films , Mohamad Reza , suspect saratnya scene becomes hard because the Malaysian government banned the Raid 2 .

" But the film received rave reviews abroad makes us so very frustrating . Seems I have to wait for the DVD version or go to Singapore or Indonesia to watch , " said Reza .

Movie RAID2 : punk starts from the last scene in the movie earlier , The Raid . In the film tells the story of Rama ( Iko Uwais ) to continue his disguise to enter a crime organization in Jakarta .
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He disguised not only to expose corruption in the police force but also to protect his family from the threat of criminals . The Raid : Redemption released a new 2011 played in Malaysia in September 2012 . The film was quite successful in the world market that Hollywood is now making an action movie remake it .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Merapi Earth Could Not Planted

The spirit of planting tree seedlings to reforest the area of ​​Mount Merapi seems to be delayed , because the seeds that have been planted are now " reluctant " to grow as a result of drought .
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Camat Cangkringan , Sleman District , Yogyakarta ( DIY ) , Samson Bakri appealed to the volunteers and donors in order to temporarily delay the planting of tree seedlings in the Merapi area during the dry season , because many seeds that have been planted have died from drought .

" It is not the right time for planting tree seedlings , and therefore we urge the volunteers and donors delay planting in the Merapi area . Concentration We are now taking care of the plants that have been planted in order not to die , " he said in Sleman , last week .

According to him , the donor will plant trees in the mountain region can leave the first seeds to the Greening Team slopes of Merapi in the village Wukirsari , Cangkringan . " Tree seedlings will be accommodated , and if later natural conditions has been enabled , or have entered the season rains , the seedlings will be planted in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

Village Chief Kepuharjo , Cangkringan , Heri Suprapto said that millions of plant seeds in the greening of Merapi began to wilt from drought , after two more weeks no rain .

" Moreover, tree seedlings were planted on top of the land area was devastated by the hot lava of Merapi , almost certainly now it withered , because in addition there is no rain , the condition of the local area are still hot sand , so the plants will not be strong , " he said .

While the tree seedlings planted in the area below , today is still alive , because people whose homes have treated close to the planting site .

" Currently, in addition to water the plants should be watered regularly, is also needed in the grass around the tree planting site . These grasses will later serve to withstand sand and water infiltration , " he said .

According to him , the dry season when it's better to stop planting trees for a while , because the weather does not allow .

" Moreover, if the seeds are planted is still relatively small , there is limited evidence to be alive. Currently better realized with the help of regular activity is watering , fertilizing and maintenance of the seeds planted trees can live , " he said .

threatened dead
Tens of thousands of seedlings greening plants in the area of ​​Mount Merapi , Sleman regency , Yogyakarta , is now threatened with death due to drought , after more than two weeks of no rain .

" There are dozens of hectares of crop area in the village of greening seedlings started Glagaharjo critical condition due to long not scalded , " said the chief Glagaharjo Suroto .

According to him , people who had been paying attention to the greening plant care difficulties , because they also lack water .

" Residents currently have to buy water for Rp120.000 per tank to meet daily needs , and this is only for two weeks , so they have to conserve water , " he said .

He said that in the past two weeks many donors and volunteers who conduct reforestation in the Merapi area , so the new trees they planted drought-prone .

" Not long ago there are about 25 thousand seedlings planting trees , and there are tens of thousands of previously planted . Plant seeds can certainly not be able to survive , because it's the dry season , so we could not do anything because the water difficult to obtain , " he said .

Bambang Sugeng from the slopes of Merapi, said Tim Greening today is in the area of ​​tree seedlings Merapi began experiencing drought , and feared to be dead because the possibility has been no rain .

" Thousands of plants wilted after two more weeks does not rain , and it is feared that the plants will die if not watered , " he said .

According to him , it is in most areas of the village and Kepuharjo Umbulharjo already watering plants greening using tank cars , but are not able to reach all areas of the plant .

" We got help from donors for watering plants using tank cars , but can not reach out entirely , " he said .

He said pihakya continue to care for the greening of plants , but because of the limitations , there are still many who can not be touched , " he said .

Tim Greening the slopes of Merapi on June 7 and started doing infusisasi against hundreds of thousands of tree seedlings planted in the mountain region which is now threatened with death because of drought due to drought .

" We try to do infusisasi the planted tree seedlings , by dripping water through the threads from plastic bottles hung beside the trees , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono Merapi in Sleman .

According to him , the pattern will be more effective than spraying water into the ground . " With infusisasi , the water will flow slowly and optimal soil wetting . When flushing , the water will seep directly into the ground , so it is not absorbed by the tree optimally , " he said .

He said each one bottle will last three days , and after it is to be filled again .

" As for the technical , including those in charge of controlling the bottles will be handed over to the youth in each village , so it is expected to be more effective , " he said .

Consortium Members Area Merapi Slope Greening ( PALM ) and Tim Greening Merapi Masrur KH Ahmad said there were thousands of trees were planted in the region hundreds of millions to billions of dollars .

However , he said , is starting to wither and dry a lot of the dry season due to lack of water .

" If the tree seedlings planted again , same waste of money, because of the growth of trees in the region depends on rain Merapi . Been many hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for the purchase and planting of tree seedlings that much . ` Eman Eman - ` ( unfortunately ) if not treated , until finally dead , " he said .

According to him , the greening of the many donors in the Merapi area , generally merely symbolic , and hundreds to thousands of tree seedlings planted just left , then left just like that .

" In fact , after planting , take care so that the plants can live . Therefore , we will seek watering with water to save the greenery in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

He said the rescue was carried out by making " emergency response " in two weeks , which is flush with the water in bulk using tanker trucks .

" We are also going to build a water tank using a tarp size four feet by six feet by 100 tubs . These water next to water the plants ," he said .

Masrur wants the volunteers and donors are not giving the plant , but did infusisasi tree seedlings have been planted in order to stay alive .

donors water
Meanwhile , Tim Greening the slopes of Mount Merapi are expecting no donors that supply water for watering seedlings planted trees are no longer experiencing drought after rain.

" Currently the most we need is water to help flush the trees on the slopes of Merapi , as watering yet to reach all areas of the plant , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono slopes of Merapi .

According to him, he has built 20 units of water reservoirs of plastic sheeting , so that the water can for watering trees in the region .

" We 've made ​​20 water reservoirs in 20 locations , and we still need dozens maybe hundreds of water tanks like this for the same purposes in the above areas , " he said .

He said at this time to fill the water reservoir is still satisfied from the water supply donors and local people .

" However , we expect the water supply is aid , especially for the upper areas which are far from the settlement residents . If previously there donor who planted thousands of trees, so this time we also expect help thousands of gallons of water , " he said .

Greening seedlings were planted in the Merapi area is generally hard as sengon tree species , teak garden ( Jabon ) , and economically valuable tree other hardware .

While on land near the settlements , in addition to tree seedlings planted hard , also seedlings of fruit trees .

Related to that , the people in the village Glagaharjo Merapi area , Cangkringan , Sleman District , expect help plant vegetable seeds to support their economic recovery .

" So far, it 's often a relief in the form of tree planting in this region , but all of them in the form of crops . We expect no help plant vegetable seeds for our management , so they can make money , because we currently have no income anymore , " said one a Srunen Hamlet , Village Glagaharjo , Cangkringan , Sutrisno .

The village head said Glagaharjo Suroto fact it had expressed the desire of the people to the government , but there has been no response . (see also: vitamin burung)

" We hope that the people's will could soon government and donors responded . Seedlings suitable vegetable crops grown in this region include peppers , eggplant and cabbage . Prices Rp100 per seed , for residents here are still relatively expensive , " he said .


Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics, type and Benefits of Durian

Similarly, bark, Durian is one type of tropical plant from Southeast Asia. The durian fruit is favorite by the community, but many also do not like the fruit of this one. The fruit tastes sweet and fragrant aroma that will tempt your appetite for memakanya soon.
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The characteristics and Habitat Durian
The distinctive feature of this plant is having a hard rind and sharp grooved to resemble thorns. In general, the characteristics of the fruit trees are: up to 30 m tall with stem diameters of 50cm, has a low bangir roots, bark smooth initially but gradually becomes grooved lengthwise. Has leaves that are oval and round, with leaves about 2-24 cm long and 3 wide, 5 to 8, 5 cm.

The durian fruit trees and grow in lowland forests and in forests or forest pamah mix that has flat ground at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and generally makes grown on the type of clay. Generally durian tree grows in Borneo because this plant species are endemic plant species. In Borneo itself this fruit has been cultivated.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(Not included) Eudicots
(Not included) Rosids
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Durio
Species: D. zibethinus
Binomial name
Durio zibethinus
Rumph. ex Murray

Types of Durian Fruit
As with other fruits, Durian also has many types. Based on the national superior cultivars, there are more than 55 types of durian cultivation. Some of them are:

Durian Gapu and Kelud of Kediri, East Java
Ligit of Kutai
Rose of Long Kutai
Ripto of Terri
Salisun of Nunukan
Strait of Muara Jambi
Sememang of Banjarnegara
Tong Medaye of Lombok
Heralds from northern Bengkulu
Bido Wonosalam of Jombang East Java
Officers from Majalengka
Petruk from Jepara, Central Java
Soya Ambon Maluku
Sunan of Boyolali.

Actually there are several types of durian from local races, but his lead is not guaranteed. Some of them are: Parung Durian, durian Lampung, Jepara durian, durian Palembang, and Padang durian. All this of course has its own flavor and characteristics.

Nutritional Content and Benefits of Durian Fruit
At each 100 g of coated seeds of durian actually been shown to contain 67 grams of water, 28.3 grams carbohydrates, 2.5 grams fat, 2.5 grams protein, 1.4 grams of fiber, and has an energy value of 520 kJ. Besides durian also turned out to contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and calcium and phosphorus. The benefits of durian fruit itself include: good for skin health, aid digestion, regulate sugar levels, helps fight depression, avoid and reduce constipation, control diet, controlling body temperature, help to stop smoking, and avoid stress.

Durian (Durio zibethinus)
Nutritive value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 615 kJ (147 kcal)
Carbohydrates 27.09 g
- Dietary fiber 3.8 g
5:33 g fat
1:47 g Protein
Water 65g
Vitamin C 19.7 mg (33%)
Potassium 436 mg (9%)
Only the edible portion, raw or frozen.
Stover: 68% (Shell and seeds)
(see also: pakan burung kacamata)
Source: USDA Nutrient Database
The percentage refers to U.S. recommendations for adults.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Prepare Smartphone Lenovo Fashion for Women

Smartphone S860 series is not the only mobile device that Lenovo announced at the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 in Barcelona . Vendors from China was also introduced several devices that fall into the other S-series line .

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 Quoting Tom 's Hardware page , Lenovo will release a smartphone that will join the series S860 is S850 . The smartphone is predicted to fall into a special category of devices for the Eve fashion .

The smartphone is rumored to be clad with glass material , which is available in a choice of white and pink . Problem specification , called the S850 will be equipped with a touch screen IPS type measuring 5 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and reinforced quad-core CPU speed of 1.3 GHz .

The handset will run on the platform of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will also be supported by 1 GB of RAM memory , 16 GB of internal memory , support for dual - SIM , WiFi , HSPA + , Bluetooth , and battery capacity of 2000 mAh .

When viewed from the specifications , this is not a flagship smartphone from Lenovo . Moreover be many other premium smartphone with high specification which will be announced at the exhibition in the world's biggest mobile phone , MWC 2014.

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 Lenovo S850 is rumored to be released at a price of U.S. $ 269 or about USD 3.3 million . That makes it quite expensive is because the premium material embedded in the body .