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Merapi Earth Could Not Planted

The spirit of planting tree seedlings to reforest the area of ​​Mount Merapi seems to be delayed , because the seeds that have been planted are now " reluctant " to grow as a result of drought .
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Camat Cangkringan , Sleman District , Yogyakarta ( DIY ) , Samson Bakri appealed to the volunteers and donors in order to temporarily delay the planting of tree seedlings in the Merapi area during the dry season , because many seeds that have been planted have died from drought .

" It is not the right time for planting tree seedlings , and therefore we urge the volunteers and donors delay planting in the Merapi area . Concentration We are now taking care of the plants that have been planted in order not to die , " he said in Sleman , last week .

According to him , the donor will plant trees in the mountain region can leave the first seeds to the Greening Team slopes of Merapi in the village Wukirsari , Cangkringan . " Tree seedlings will be accommodated , and if later natural conditions has been enabled , or have entered the season rains , the seedlings will be planted in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

Village Chief Kepuharjo , Cangkringan , Heri Suprapto said that millions of plant seeds in the greening of Merapi began to wilt from drought , after two more weeks no rain .

" Moreover, tree seedlings were planted on top of the land area was devastated by the hot lava of Merapi , almost certainly now it withered , because in addition there is no rain , the condition of the local area are still hot sand , so the plants will not be strong , " he said .

While the tree seedlings planted in the area below , today is still alive , because people whose homes have treated close to the planting site .

" Currently, in addition to water the plants should be watered regularly, is also needed in the grass around the tree planting site . These grasses will later serve to withstand sand and water infiltration , " he said .

According to him , the dry season when it's better to stop planting trees for a while , because the weather does not allow .

" Moreover, if the seeds are planted is still relatively small , there is limited evidence to be alive. Currently better realized with the help of regular activity is watering , fertilizing and maintenance of the seeds planted trees can live , " he said .

threatened dead
Tens of thousands of seedlings greening plants in the area of ​​Mount Merapi , Sleman regency , Yogyakarta , is now threatened with death due to drought , after more than two weeks of no rain .

" There are dozens of hectares of crop area in the village of greening seedlings started Glagaharjo critical condition due to long not scalded , " said the chief Glagaharjo Suroto .

According to him , people who had been paying attention to the greening plant care difficulties , because they also lack water .

" Residents currently have to buy water for Rp120.000 per tank to meet daily needs , and this is only for two weeks , so they have to conserve water , " he said .

He said that in the past two weeks many donors and volunteers who conduct reforestation in the Merapi area , so the new trees they planted drought-prone .

" Not long ago there are about 25 thousand seedlings planting trees , and there are tens of thousands of previously planted . Plant seeds can certainly not be able to survive , because it's the dry season , so we could not do anything because the water difficult to obtain , " he said .

Bambang Sugeng from the slopes of Merapi, said Tim Greening today is in the area of ​​tree seedlings Merapi began experiencing drought , and feared to be dead because the possibility has been no rain .

" Thousands of plants wilted after two more weeks does not rain , and it is feared that the plants will die if not watered , " he said .

According to him , it is in most areas of the village and Kepuharjo Umbulharjo already watering plants greening using tank cars , but are not able to reach all areas of the plant .

" We got help from donors for watering plants using tank cars , but can not reach out entirely , " he said .

He said pihakya continue to care for the greening of plants , but because of the limitations , there are still many who can not be touched , " he said .

Tim Greening the slopes of Merapi on June 7 and started doing infusisasi against hundreds of thousands of tree seedlings planted in the mountain region which is now threatened with death because of drought due to drought .

" We try to do infusisasi the planted tree seedlings , by dripping water through the threads from plastic bottles hung beside the trees , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono Merapi in Sleman .

According to him , the pattern will be more effective than spraying water into the ground . " With infusisasi , the water will flow slowly and optimal soil wetting . When flushing , the water will seep directly into the ground , so it is not absorbed by the tree optimally , " he said .

He said each one bottle will last three days , and after it is to be filled again .

" As for the technical , including those in charge of controlling the bottles will be handed over to the youth in each village , so it is expected to be more effective , " he said .

Consortium Members Area Merapi Slope Greening ( PALM ) and Tim Greening Merapi Masrur KH Ahmad said there were thousands of trees were planted in the region hundreds of millions to billions of dollars .

However , he said , is starting to wither and dry a lot of the dry season due to lack of water .

" If the tree seedlings planted again , same waste of money, because of the growth of trees in the region depends on rain Merapi . Been many hundreds of millions of dollars of funds for the purchase and planting of tree seedlings that much . ` Eman Eman - ` ( unfortunately ) if not treated , until finally dead , " he said .

According to him , the greening of the many donors in the Merapi area , generally merely symbolic , and hundreds to thousands of tree seedlings planted just left , then left just like that .

" In fact , after planting , take care so that the plants can live . Therefore , we will seek watering with water to save the greenery in the area of ​​Merapi , " he said .

He said the rescue was carried out by making " emergency response " in two weeks , which is flush with the water in bulk using tanker trucks .

" We are also going to build a water tank using a tarp size four feet by six feet by 100 tubs . These water next to water the plants ," he said .

Masrur wants the volunteers and donors are not giving the plant , but did infusisasi tree seedlings have been planted in order to stay alive .

donors water
Meanwhile , Tim Greening the slopes of Mount Merapi are expecting no donors that supply water for watering seedlings planted trees are no longer experiencing drought after rain.

" Currently the most we need is water to help flush the trees on the slopes of Merapi , as watering yet to reach all areas of the plant , " said Chairman Tim Greening Sudihartono slopes of Merapi .

According to him, he has built 20 units of water reservoirs of plastic sheeting , so that the water can for watering trees in the region .

" We 've made ​​20 water reservoirs in 20 locations , and we still need dozens maybe hundreds of water tanks like this for the same purposes in the above areas , " he said .

He said at this time to fill the water reservoir is still satisfied from the water supply donors and local people .

" However , we expect the water supply is aid , especially for the upper areas which are far from the settlement residents . If previously there donor who planted thousands of trees, so this time we also expect help thousands of gallons of water , " he said .

Greening seedlings were planted in the Merapi area is generally hard as sengon tree species , teak garden ( Jabon ) , and economically valuable tree other hardware .

While on land near the settlements , in addition to tree seedlings planted hard , also seedlings of fruit trees .

Related to that , the people in the village Glagaharjo Merapi area , Cangkringan , Sleman District , expect help plant vegetable seeds to support their economic recovery .

" So far, it 's often a relief in the form of tree planting in this region , but all of them in the form of crops . We expect no help plant vegetable seeds for our management , so they can make money , because we currently have no income anymore , " said one a Srunen Hamlet , Village Glagaharjo , Cangkringan , Sutrisno .

The village head said Glagaharjo Suroto fact it had expressed the desire of the people to the government , but there has been no response . (see also: vitamin burung)

" We hope that the people's will could soon government and donors responded . Seedlings suitable vegetable crops grown in this region include peppers , eggplant and cabbage . Prices Rp100 per seed , for residents here are still relatively expensive , " he said .


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