Tuesday, May 20, 2014

75 Students Tanjabar Not Pass the National Exam

A total of 75 students from 3,042 participants of the UN high -level or equivalent in West Tanjung Jabung did not pass in the National Examination 2013-2014 school year .

Based on the percentage , for this year's graduation rate has increased from last year , which amounted to 0.25 per cent , or increased to 97.50 percent from the previous year which only reached 97.25 percent .

Head of Secondary and Higher Education ( Dikmenti ) Amrial Tanjabar District Education Office when contacted on Tuesday explained , all participants of the UN 's 3,042 high school students includes 1,537 students and 671 834 vocational students ,All 75 students who did not kelulus consists of 57 high school students , Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) 11 students , and vocational Seven .
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" Students who do not pass the most widely derived from SMA III Tungkal Ulu . Number reached 39 people , " he said .

Based on the data in the entire school graduation , further Amrial , only a few schools whose students graduate 100 percent , of which , SMAN 1 , SMA 2 and SMA 3 . Third school is located in District Tungkal Ilir .

Graduation announcement is intentionally submitted afternoon , in anticipation of the action and scribble koovoi uniforms . " We did not want a victory parade of students . Alternatively , delivered the afternoon 's announcement , he said .

When asked , he said , for students who do not pass can follow package C program that will open in August.


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