Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Work Bolos, Mothers PNS in Pamekasan Join Joget Oplosan

Hundreds of civil servants ( PNS) in the government Pamekasan , East Java , skipping work , and follow the dancing competition oplosan the " demand " in one of the private TV stations nationwide on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Joget oplosan was held by the Women's Sports Association of Indonesia ( Perwosi ) Branch Pamekasan . The competition was held in the multipurpose building in private and only seen by certain circles .

Of the participants who took part , there is a unique accessory such as wearing clothing in the style of Cleopatra , there were uniformed with a combination of palm leaves and most of the participants using batik uniforms .
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Ani Syafii , Chairman Perwosi Pamekasan Branch , said these activities in order to Exercise your society so that people can live a healthy life . However , the packaging is made in a dancing contest oplosan .

In East Java Perwosi also held oplosan dancing contest , and in Pamekasan also contained the same activity with Perwosi East Java . " The mothers were quite amenable and happy with the race because it is adulterated dancing popular again in the midst of society , " said Ani Syafii .

These activities led to protests from activist non-governmental organizations . Because the activities held on the effective work of civil servants . Therefore , participants neglect his duties as a servant of the state .

" Why are not held on holidays alone so as not to interfere with his duties as a civil servant , " said I'am Kholil , Chairman of Parliament Street and the Student Community ( Kopajaa ) Pamekasan .

I'am explained , it also does not reflect the activities of the religious values ​​that Pamekasan an area that embraces Islamic Movement of Community Development ( Gate Salam ) .

People who want to watch this race expelled by the committee , especially the Adam , including journalists who want to cover the activity .


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