Friday, May 2, 2014

Drinking While Testifying , Sri Mulyani Judge Reprimanded

There are interesting sights in the middle of the court hearing the case of Century Bank today that indicted former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Budi Mulya . When testifying in front of the judges , former Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati suddenly downing a bottle of water he was carrying himself .

Suddenly Chief Judge Afiantara admonish the witness , as it is forbidden to drink while testifying in the trial . " It should not be drinking , " said the trial judge Afiantara in the Corruption Court in Jakarta .

Reprimanded the judge , Sri Mulyani shocked . The former financial officials are now managing director at the World Bank argued that the U.S. did not know there was a rule forbidden to drink , because he had never entered the courtroom .
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" Sorry sir judge , I have never entered the court room , so do not know , " she said , holding a small water bottle in the trial court Corruption , Jakarta , May 2, 2014 .

But Sri remain firm requested permission to return to drink . " May I have a drink ? " Sri asked to judge .

Then finally the judge permits. " Perhaps , but it should have had before the trial , " the judge said . The trial resumed .
Previously , many journalists fooled while waiting for Sri Mulyani to court corruption . Century 's key witness in the case seems to have been in the witness waiting room . Sri Mulyani, who wore a brown batik shirt and black pants began to enter the courtroom since 9:05 o'clock pm .

As is known , Sri Mulyani with the current Governor of Bank Indonesia , Boediono , as well as Secretary of the Financial System Stability Committee Raden Pardede Century as a failed bank establishes a systemic effect . He was a witness in a case of alleged corruption trial continued with the defendant Budi Mulya .

Because of this determination , the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) to disburse Temporary Equity ( PMS ) worth Rp 6 , 7 trillion . Previously , the central bank also has disbursed Rp 689 billion FPJP Century due to liquidity problems . ( ren )


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