Friday, May 23, 2014

Muhammadiyah New Government Must Ensure a More Proficient

Tanwir officially opened Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Muhammadiyah Prof. Shamsuddin , Friday ( 23/5 ) , in the city of Samarinda , East Kalimantan . The event, which followed hundreds of management areas in Indonesia 's Muhammadiyah theme " Towards Enlightenment Indonesia Berkemajuan Propagation " .

Coinciding with the momentum of the upcoming presidential elections on July 9 , Maarif Institute assesses Muhammadiyah has a moral responsibility to ensure national leadership can turn spawned a new government that is more capable and work for the welfare of the people .
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This is expressed Maarif Institute executive director Fajar Riza Ul Haq . " Consistency in the path of Muhammadiyah cultural propaganda can not be denied anymore . Neutrality political elite organization Muhammadiyah shown in the election frenzy is able to convince us all that democracy we still have breath to sober up , " said Dawn .

Even so , said Dawn , Muhammadiyah should not let this land be managed in ways that are far from the spirit of enlightenment and progress .

" So , this land in the realm of propaganda Muhammadiyah nationality . Muhammadiyah best cadres must assigned even encouraged to take part in the arena of the state , " said a member of Council on Foreign Relations this Muhammadiyah .


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