Friday, May 2, 2014

PLN sued Society, Why?

General Manager of PT PLN Northern Territory and East Kalimantan , Machnizon Masri was reported to the police station on charges of public deception Balikpapan . That report is Piatur Pangaribuan , Director of University Legal Aid Balikpapan ( LBH UNIBA ) , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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According Piatur what it does represent the people who are victims of a power outage or so-called byar pet " We want , we support , so Machizon and PLN Kaltim - Kaltara over again serve the community , " he said .

Piatur also known as the Graduate Program Director of the University of Aberdeen. By LBH UNIBA , Machnizon public deception is considered a reference to the statement in the discussion about electricity in February past .

In the discussion which was attended by a number of parties that , according to Piatur , as GM PLN Kaltim - Kaltara , Machnizon promised there will be no rolling blackouts in Balikpapan . Machnizon also provide a hotline number for complaints PLN 123 and PLN will soon follow up report .

" But in reality , electricity is still frequent outages with a duration of hours . Torrential rains half alone , usually direct electrical outages . I wonder , why not have a PLN as a solution , but as I recall , Balikpapan has often byar pet since 2007 , " said Piatur .

Separately , Machnizon reluctant to say much about reports pointing to himself . He felt that being sued is PLN agencies , not individuals .

" I have not read the report that was put into the police station . I have no comment first , yes . PLN Let Kaltim part - Kaltara law that address this later , " said Machnizon .

With this report , has twice Piatur sued on behalf of LBH UNIBA PLN . The first lawsuit was filed in July 2013 in which LBH UNIBA sue PLN Kaltim - Kaltara and SOE Minister through the District Court Balikpapan , due to frequent power cuts in the area of ​​the Mahakam system .

In this case LBH UNIBA acting on a power of attorney ( plaintiff ) Henry Sanjaya , Balikpapan residents businessman drinking water refill . Henry sued because his business faltered because frequent power outages .

" However, this claim fails . Proceedings are also tinged incident power outages , " Piatur story .

Throughout April, four times PLN offices in coming protesters . The protesters , ranging from students to the mass organizations voiced the same thing , want a stable supply of electricity .

PLN is the same explanation that rolling blackouts because the Mahakam system serving the city of Balikpapan , Tenggarong and Samarinda is insufficient supply of power up to 50 MW . There are also non- rotating blackouts such as those caused heavy rains , is beyond the power of the PLN .


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