Friday, April 18, 2014

Contains the South Ferry Hundreds of High School Students

Contains Hundreds of High School Students

Departing from Incheon at 05.00 local time , this five -story ship should run aground shortly after the ship loudspeaker announced to the passengers to remain in place . Earlier, witnesses said had been a violent shaking .

Confusion also struck the passenger ferry . They are faced with two choices , between remain in place or to save themselves by using a float when the higher sea water into the ship 's body .

Reported by CNN , the ship completed by 460 high school students Seoul is scheduled to follow the field trip to the resort island of Jeju .

Lim Hyung - min , one of the survivors said the hassle to fight for his life . " I had to swim to the first boat to be saved , " he said .
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Until today , the South Korean government to help mobilize fielded more than a hundred ships , rescue teams and helicopters to comb to the location of the sinking vessel , with no hope of surviving .

Local authorities did not despair , even if bad weather should be blocked . Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and thick fog have trouble making the team survived . They assume there are survivors , when looking at the hull of a ship is still at sea level .

" Maybe in these areas there is no air to breathe , " said Mike Dean , Deputy Director of the U.S. Navy .

The victims' families gathered , hoping against hope for salvation in the dock family members Jindo , South Korea , which is about 20 kilometers from the location Boats Sewol . ( one )


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