Saturday, April 26, 2014

Proposed So Vice President, SBY Feel Harassed

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was abused by the majority party 's proposal for him to get back ahead in the 2014 presidential election as the candidate for vice- president . According to Yudhoyono , the proposals presented certain parties that only want to make fun of himself .

" There are certain parties who want to mock me , hurt me , harassing , vice -president has been told just SBY . Indeed exist in this country kebahagiaanya ridicule and hurt other people , " Yudhoyono said in an interview uploaded on YouTube SBY .
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It is said when asked for comment proposed SBY himself forward as a running mate in the 2014 presidential election . Reason, according to the constitution , the President can no longer run for presidency because already served two terms .

On the other hand , there is also the judge SBY seriously hope he can move forward as a running mate . SBY did not see any intention to insult concerned . The reason , says SBY , if he wants to be vice president , with all the experience you have, it can help the new president so that the government would run better .

" There was , of course not . Suppose I could go forward for the third time ( as president ) , not prohibited constitution and the laws in force , I was told not to go forward again . I spoke from the heart circumspection with wife and children I , all agreed that 10 years could lead the country is already a thanksgiving to God , "said SBY .

Various parties could catapult forward as a proposal that SBY vice for various reasons . PPP secretary general Romahurmuziy . He argues , if SBY forward as running mate , it could defeat the three great powers that will compete in the upcoming presidential election , which candidate would be the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo , presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra and Golkar presidential candidate Bakrie .

Previously , a similar proposal been made in the former Chairman of the Democratic Anas Urbaningrum . It is not clear which party is deemed SBY and deliver insulting serious proposal .


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