Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Want Golkar coalition Fat

Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie ( ARB ) aka Ical , wanting chubby coalition government . It is intended that the political power of the stronger . Legislative power and the executive can work together well to support succession of government .

Ical states already establish communication polkitik . " There are still ongoing between the Party Golkardan all political parties , " he explained , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Communication builds upon the interests of state and nation well . The development process must necessarily take place , the better . This is realized through idealism based coalition to improve the condition of the nation . " Communicating 've done with all the ( party ) , " he explained .

However, there has been no official decision . He said he did not want to rush . He believes , in time the coalition partners will be collected . Ical is also not worried though until now has not been getting his party coalition partners . He analogized seek coalition partners to get life partner . "Like looking for a wife , the coalition can not rush - rush . Must match idea , fits all , can only be , " said Bakrie .

Anyway, Bakrie said , there is no other party other than the coalition officially declared Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with the National Democratic Party . According to him , this time each party is considering the matter carefully coalition step forward . " All parties are still thinking will move in which direction . "


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