Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Internet, Microsoft Office applications in the "Browser" Chrome

Microsoft , in February , has re- launched its web-based productivity application services with its new name , the Office Online . Now , Microsoft brings the application to the next level by making a special application for the Chrome browser users .

Yes , although the Office Online can be accessed with any browser by visiting Office.com address , but Chrome users now have Online Office applications in their browser . Word Services Online , Online PowerPoint , and OneNote Online can be run directly from the Google's browser .

In the official blog of Microsoft Office that was written on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) , Microsoft said it wanted to allow Chrome users create Office documents online with ease on the desktop . Unfortunately , Microsoft has not presenting Excel Online in Chrome browser .

Users can download the application at the same time put it in the browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store app store ( chrome.google.com / webstore ) . Type the Online Word / PowerPoint Online / OneNote Online in the search field is available in the top left corner .

These applications can be used free of charge and can be accessed by logging in using the Microsoft account . All online documents are created automatically saved in Microsoft's cloud storage service , OneDrive by default .

However , the Office application in Chrome browser users complained because they had to log into your account every time OneDrive want to create or access the document . In addition , users also lamented why Microsoft does not include features such as offline mode does Google with its Google Docs .

New features in Office Online

In addition to releasing his Office services in the Chrome browser , Microsoft on Monday also introduced new features in Office Online , such as improved support for files that contain a Visual Basic application , so that the file can now be opened and edited directly with Excel Online .

Editing mode is also equipped with the ability to add comments , both for Word and Excel Online . This feature is useful if one stored document worked together .
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While for Online PowerPoint , the slide layouts are now becoming more similar to the final result after finished editing . Online OneNote on the other hand got the update feature of the ability to print ( print ) files .


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