Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Police banned members touch the ballot box when secured TPS

Police promised to remain neutral during the 2014 election security. Even in the technical implementation of the Police members are not allowed to touch the ballot boxes at polling stations (TPS).

"Under the law, we are neutral and should not be touched during the ballot boxes at polling stations. If there is, the community immediately inform the national police and the police chief," said the Head of Public Information (Head passenger) Police Commissioner Agus Rianto in Public Relations Division Police Headquarters Building , South Jakarta, Tuesday (8/4).
(see also: lomba burung)

According to Agus, the rule has been applied far earlier today by National Police Chief Gen. Sutarman. Police will crack down if there are members who are convicted during a security breach.

"We do not mess around for cracking down and pleaded guilty. Accordance with the direction of the Chief of Police, the police should be neutral," he said.

"Found election offense if the offense categorized, code of ethics, the national police criminal offense," he added


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