Saturday, April 19, 2014

Police: Dimly at Warung Bambu Apus Have No IMB

Dimly lit stalls burned in Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta , did not have permission or illegal . Police called the dimly lit stalls that stood on the land does not have a building permit ( IMB ) .

" Itukan dimly lit stalls . Dim point where there is permission . IMB also there 's baseball , " said Police Chief Sector Cipayung , Commissioner Ua Triyono , to , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Ua resume , is about to land at the site were released by the city government . The land is planned to be used for programs of the city government . " It would dibebasin Government . Been no program of his Government . From districts ( Cipayung ) already know it , " said Ua .

Related to the fray before the fire , Ua requested that all parties not to take an early conclusion . He promised to reveal , if the allegations are evolving interrelated .

However , until now it has not found a correlation between the two separate events during the six hours . Police are still awaiting the results of the examination of the Police Headquarters Labfor team that has been taking samples and analyzing the scene.

Before the fire broke out in a six -lit kiosk stall located at Jalan Kramat Duri , Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta , several youths were thought to have come from one of the organizations raging at that location . Groups of youths who were drunk liquor was angry because their money is not given a daily ration .

Based on information collected at the scene , commotion by organizations that occur at midnight at 00.00 , in a stall grilled chicken and duck are still an area with a set of dimly lit stalls there . The distance is approximately 30 meters from the location of shops lit on fire.
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They are asking fees of Rp 10,000 to grilled chicken stall owner . Women initials Mur , one shop owner friends there , confirmed the incident . However , the shop owner grilled chicken and duck do not give money .


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