Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Phone of the South Ferry : We Can not Move

The South Korean government continues to carry out an investigation to find the cause of the sinking ferry in the waters Sewol Jindo , Incheon . Today, the country's government officially released the transcription of a conversation between a man and a party on the ferry Sewol maritime traffic controllers in Jeju Island and Jindo Island .

Of transcription is then confirmed yet by a traffic warden in the waters of Jeju Island , a man had contacted the Coast Guard at 8:52 pm local time with a mobile phone .

" Call the coast guard . Ship in danger . Ship tilted , " he said .
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Party Jeju maritime traffic controller then asked the location of the ship , and the man replied , " Sewol Byeongpung Island is near . "

" How is the situation now ? " asked the authorities Jeju .

" The ship tilted to the left , " the man replied .

" Okay . How are the passengers ? "

" We can not confirm. Ship is tilted . , We can not move . "

Jeju parties then asked the passengers to wear life jackets and be prepared if necessary to leave the ship . But the man again said , " We are extremely difficult to move now . "

Of transcription , the last conversation showed authorities had informed the Jeju coast guard about the location and circumstances Sewol . Jeju parties explained that they had contacted the vessel traffic service agencies on the island of Jindo and Wando Island .

Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries South Korea has found the latest data from the automatic identification system on the ferry Sewol . From the data successfully analyzed , it is possible Sewol ferry capsized after electricity was extinguished for 36 seconds .


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